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Who We Are


We all have Ruetz.


Whether we like them or not, they have formed and shaped who we are and have a part in where we want to go. We all have unique and individual personalities. We want to help bring that out and would love for you to come create a hat with us. We pride ourselves on helping y’all make wearable art.

They aren’t just hats to us. They help showcase and adorn your Ruetz.

The word Ruetz is made up from the letters of our owners  daughters middle names. Elizabeth and Ruth. These are also middle names and first names of many strong and influential women in our Ruetz.


The spelling is non-traditional, and so are we. We color outside the lines and paint abstract pictures. We have never been conformists.


Southern is in our name not only because we are located here in the south, but it's part of our Ruetz and where we started. Our business used to be called Southern Charm, but we quickly realized that we were more than that name.


The South is more than a place. It's a feeling. Our owner has always been drawn to the South. Starting with her very first visit to Texas, followed by Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia and Tennessee. Now officially building Ruetz in South Carolina. We feel at home as if this is where we were meant to be. We are now forming our Southern Ruetz in more ways than we can count.

It’s never been just about hats and it never will be.

We want to learn about you, your stories and help you build a hat that shows off your Ruetz.

We want you to be proud to wear a hat built by our artists.
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