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The Hat Bar

Charleston has a very distinct style. We aren’t Nashville and we definitely aren’t Texas.

At Southern Ruetz, we work with men and women to create an experience designing their own custom, unique and truly one-of-a-kind hat(s)

Ma'am, what is a Hat Bar?

Well, since you asked. The Hat Bar is set up with different hat styles and embellishments to pick from. It’s truly a choose your own adventure experience with the choice to add as much or as little to a hat expressing one’s own unique style and personality.

We help customers size, shape, and professionally assemble their hats. We currently offer 4 different lines of hats that range in customization levels.


So y'all want to hang out with us

We hope to have a storefront soon, but right now you can find us around the Charleston area partnering with local businesses at specialty markets, events, and pop-ups. You can also book us for your private event.

At Southern Ruetz we genuinely love making hats for people and watching each person create something different. Identical hats have never been created. Now thats art. The smile on all y'all's faces after we burn your initials into a hat gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling that reminds us we are doing something special.

A hat should be as unique as the person wearing it and we make that possible at Southern Ruetz

Let's party

Book your personalized appointment, private event to create your one of a kind hat

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