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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why can't I make a hat online?

Our hat bar is a personalized experience for each customer. Each hat is specially customized to fit your unique style while getting to explore endless and rotating options to add to your hat. This makes it difficult to provide the same level of service we offer at an event or a personalized appointment. We do sell completed hats within our artist series. We partner with local artists to design one of a kind hats with their specific style. 

Southern Ruetz swag, as well as our custom truckers will soon become available on the site.

Do you offer returns?

We do not accept returns due to the high personalization of our hats. Once elements begin being applied, all sales are final. 

Can I bring my hat back and change out the embellishments? 

YES! With our focus on high quality hats, we pride ourselves in being part of the slow fashion movement. Your hat can be revamped if you so choose without the need to purchase a new one. Unless you need one in each color. Which also isn't a bad idea. 

What kind of hats do you sell?

We currently offer four different lines of hats. Our focus is on high quality materials that will last generations. We have our mind on sustainability and have spent countless hours carefully selecting the hats and embellishments we offer at our Hat Bar. We also partner with other small business throughout Charleston and the state of South Carolina to ensure we are supporting other small businesses and offering products you cannot get anywhere else. 

Our grass hats are pre-shaped into popular styles within the Lowcountry. We can shape these hats slightly and they can be customized with embellishments, light burning and branding. This line starts at $135.

Our 100% Australian wool line the crown of the hats are are also pre-shaped, but we do have the ability to bend the brims if you are looking for a bit more yee-haw on your hat. But honestly, we aren't exactly cowboys here in Charleston. These hats can also be lightly burned and branded. This line starts at $175.


Our most luxurious and fully customizable line is made from a blend of beaver and rabbit fur. They start as an open crown and all pieces of the hat can be molded, burned and branded. This line start at $465.

We now offer trucker hats at the bar where you can pick the specific patch design you want applied as well as the location on your hat. These styles start at $25.

How can I book Southern Ruetz for an event? 

Visit our design scheduling page to get us on the books for your next event or pop up. Please reach out to info@southernruetz if you have any questions.


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